Sustainable fashion will bring in more jobs in fashion
Sustainable fashion will bring in more jobs in fashion
Shifting to a full circular clothing industry in the Netherlands will not just impact the environment, but also bring employment benefits, boosting job creation by 25 per cent, as per a new report.

The report outlines three circular scenarios—a shift in consumption patterns, prioritisation of reuse and repair and upscaling of textile-to-textile recycling.


The prioritisation of reuse and repair has been found to be most beneficial for the job market, according to the report titled Putting circular textiles to work: The employment potential of circular clothing in the Netherlands by Circle Economy's Circular Jobs Initiative and HIVA - Research Institute for Work and Society. But to realise such a scenario would require bridging current skills gaps, and re- and upskilling workers—bringing new careers, from (re)manufacturing designers to quality assessors to resale collection managers, to the fore.

Boosting clothing reuse and repair would see the greatest benefits, the report said. A growing second-hand market and increased demand for repair and maintenance services could increase job creation in the industry by 25 per cent—equal to 24,286 new full-time equivalents (FTEs) in repair and maintenance, 17,319 FTEs shifted from first- to second-hand sales and an additional 4,611 FTEs in second-hand sales.


News courtesy: Fibre2Fashion


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