Brands, research bodies join hands in new EU circular fashion project
Brands, research bodies join hands in new EU circular fashion project
The European Union’s (EU) System Circularity and Innovative Recycling of Textiles (SCIRT) project held its virtual kick-off meeting from June 9 to 11 to start tackling the issue of clothing waste and recyclability, one of the biggest challenges faced by the fashion industry.

With 18 partners from five countries, the project aims to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system through technological innovation in textile-to-textile recycling.

Coordinated by VITO, an independent Flemish research organisation in the clean technology and sustainable development sector, the project will deliver a closed-loop recycling solution for discarded post-consumer textiles, stimulate conscious design and production practices, create new business opportunities by boosting activity within textile value chains, and increase public awareness of the environmental and social impacts of textile consumption, a press release from VITO said.


There is a lack of knowledge surrounding the technological, economic and environmental feasibility of recycling fibre mixtures, and a need to align the quality and cost of recycling processes with the demands of textile companies and fashion brands.

SCIRT will develop solutions to support systemic innovation towards a more circular fashion system and bridge this supply-demand gap.

News courtesy: Fibre2fashion


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