Adding green to blue denims
Adding green to blue denims
Help reduce the amount of textile waste by learning practical solutions to the textile waste dilemma. Discover how to make a lasting impact on the environment!

The denim industry, labeled as one of the dirtiest, is changing for the better. Environmental pollutants involved in denim washes are gradually being replaced by green methods of production. Eco-friendly denim has become the new rage as customers choose organic and environment-friendly garments over chemically treated ones.

Consumer awareness regarding eco-friendly textile is on the rise. Customers, aware and self-accountable, are shunning away from toxic denim. Levi Strauss was one of the first brands to introduce ecologically aware technology in denim production that reduces the amount of water used in finishing the garment by 28 per cent. 

The new methods associated with denim production are concentrating on reduced water consumption, saving energy, using less or no chemicals, improved quality, strength and finish and reduced volumes of wastes. Conscious denim collection of H&M, Levi's eco-friendly jeans, Dutch brand Mud Jeans, Second Denim Co (Yoga Jeans) and Loomstate are doing well to make the denim industry more sustainable.


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