Sustainable Fabrics, Vegan Fashion, Carbon Footprint Reduction
Sustainable Fabrics, Vegan Fashion, Carbon Footprint Reduction
When designing has become central to film costumes, people who design them have a lot to offer towards sustainability.

These designers are not just limited to dressing up stars for movies but every other event as well. Be it their wedding or an award function, Bollywood designers champion the looks of stars.

Since there are limitations on colours and trims as per client needs, costume designers are bound with certain limits. Ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee says how he cannot, yet, use natural dyes because of limited colour availabilities.


But they do not let these limitations hamper their social commitment. Sabyasachi works primarily on natural fibers sourced from India itself. Each piece employs around 35 artisans and takes a quite slow process of two months to finish. He prefers to employ humans over machines and believes in empowering Indian crafts and artisans.

Steps taken by Bollywood designers

Prominent designer Manish Malhotra who has worked with actors like Aalia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone is now pairing up with NGOs for women empowerment. He has a unique style of luxury fashion. He is using his abilities to support groups creating eco-friendly packaging

Neeta Lulla became familiar to the Bollywood audience with her radiant and elegant styling in movies such as Jodha Akbar and Devdas. She has prided herself in the fact that she grew up among southern handloom and textiles in Hyderabad. She is now taking proactive steps to ensure she brings back the dormant weaves to life.


Anamika Khanna has infused khadi into her collections quite often. She also generously uses help from artisans to set up her styles. Legends in Indian fashion like Abraham & Thakore and Rohit Bal have always been vocal about sustainable fashion and tried to follow maximum sustainable practices.

Since these designers have a great fan-following in general masses as well, whatever they initiate to save the planet will have a cascading effect. It is high time when everybody realizes that they cannot do business on a dead planet.


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