Nona Source Announces New Ambassadors to Promote Sustainable Fashion
Nona Source Announces New Ambassadors to Promote Sustainable Fashion
Discover how Nona Source is spearheading the sustainable fashion movement with a diverse lineup of brand advocates. Learn more about their mission and the importance of circularity.

In an exciting development, Nona Source, an eco-conscious fabric reseller affiliated with the renowned LVMH conglomerate, has recently announced a new roster of ambassadors who will lead the company's noble mission of reducing waste in the ever-evolving world of fashion. This esteemed group of appointees includes the esteemed actress Emma Watson, the stunning model Adwoa Aboah, the visionary designer Cecilie Bahnsen, and the talented fashion maven Karoline Vitto.


Romain Brabo, the co-founder of Nona Source, expressed immense delight in welcoming these remarkable women to the Nona Source family. He stated, "Their unwavering dedication to the sustainable fashion movement is truly inspiring, and we firmly believe that their collective influence will enable us to amplify the urgency of embracing circularity within the fashion industry."


Emma Watson, known for her staunch advocacy of sustainable fashion, has consistently voiced her concerns about the detrimental environmental impact caused by conventional practices in the fashion industry. Adwoa Aboah has also emerged as a vocal proponent of eco-friendly fashion, having founded Gurls Talk—a groundbreaking platform empowering young women to fearlessly address significant societal issues, including sustainability.


Both Cecilie Bahnsen and Karoline Vitto, emerging trailblazers in the realm of fashion design, have showcased an unwavering commitment to incorporating sustainable materials into their exquisite collections. Bahnsen's signature creations exude an air of elegant femininity, skillfully crafted from repurposed fabrics. Vitto, drawing inspiration from her rich Brazilian heritage, frequently features organic cotton and a variety of ethically sourced materials in her mesmerizing designs.


The newly appointed ambassadors are poised to propel Nona Source to a wider audience, wholeheartedly championing the company's overarching mission of waste reduction within the fashion industry. Their collective efforts will not only raise awareness about the crucial role of circularity in fashion but also ignite a compelling call to action.


 About Nona Source


Established in 2021, Nona Source stands as a steadfast advocate of sustainable fashion, dedicated to minimizing waste in the industry. As a reputable fabric reseller operating under the esteemed LVMH, this pioneering enterprise offers fashion and design professionals direct access to high-quality deadstock fabrics sourced from renowned luxury brands. Nona Source's unwavering mission revolves around breathing new life into these fabrics, thereby reducing the industry's ecological footprint.


Backed by a team of seasoned buyers committed to procuring prime deadstock fabrics from LVMH's extensive portfolio of brands, Nona Source ensures impeccable quality and authenticity. These fabrics undergo meticulous grading, professional photography, and are made readily available for purchase through the company's user-friendly website. Additionally, the website features an insightful blog where readers can delve into various sustainable fashion topics, exploring the realms of circularity and more.


Nona Source remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting accessible sustainable fashion. By offering competitive prices and a diverse range of payment options, the company ensures that eco-friendly choices are within reach for everyone. Furthermore, Nona Source goes the extra mile by providing free shipping on all orders exceeding €500, showcasing its dedication to customer satisfaction.


 Fashionnex Final Words


The introduction of Nona Source's esteemed ambassadors signifies a significant stride forward for the sustainable fashion movement. With their influential status and revered reputations, these ambassadors will undoubtedly raise awareness about the criticality of embracing circularity within the fashion industry. As a prominent figure in the sustainable fashion sphere, Nona Source is well-positioned to harness the collective power of its ambassadors, reaching an even broader audience and continuing to make a resounding positive impact on our environment.


 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.  What is Nona Source's mission in the fashion industry?  

 Nona Source is committed to curbing waste in the fashion industry by providing access to high-quality deadstock fabrics and promoting circularity.


2.  Who are the ambassadors appointed by Nona Source?  

 The appointed ambassadors include Emma Watson, Adwoa Aboah, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Karoline Vitto.


3.  What makes Nona Source fabrics unique?  

 Nona Source offers deadstock fabrics sourced from renowned luxury brands, ensuring impeccable quality and authenticity.


4.  Does Nona Source offer international shipping?  

 Yes, Nona Source provides free shipping on orders exceeding €500, making sustainable fashion accessible worldwide.


5.  How does Nona Source promote sustainable fashion awareness?  

 Nona Source features an insightful blog on its website, exploring various sustainable fashion topics and fostering awareness of circularity and more.


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