MoEa to launch vegan leather made of plants
MoEa to launch vegan leather made of plants
Many of us are familiar with vegan leather. Slaughtering animals just because you want a finished leather good, is something we all agree is barbarous.

Vegan leathers find a way around it by offering cruelty-less solutions. But this does not always mean sustainable leather as many of them contain a huge amount of plastic. MoEa is a French company set up by sneaker lovers that are trying to change this.

Plant-based leather has been around for some time, mostly from Pineapple and cactus. MoEa or Mother of Earth tries to combine a variety of plant-based leathers made for cactus, corn, pineapple, grapes, and apples. They aim to create stylish and sustainable sneakers for the eco-conscious generation. Fruit wastes are combined with Bio PU and recycled plastic to create the material. They are hand-made in Portugal to ensure a slow and sustainable process. The designs are created in France, plant-based leather materials are sourced from Italy.

This plan has been receiving voracious appreciation on Kickstarter with a great amount of funding piling up.

The lining is made from 70% recycled bamboo and the sole contains 40% recycled rubber. The insole is made from comfortable wood fibre. The best part is you can ship the product at the end of the lifecycle so they can be shredded and integrated into new products. It is a win-win situation to avoid landfills stuffed with used sneakers.

MoEa sneakers are available in white and colours of the materials it is made from. It creates less than 89% of carbon emissions compared to traditional leathers.

Having a new material does not compromise the quality at all. It is tested and approved for abrasion resistance and lasts quite along. The brand takes care of even minor details towards sustainability. Even the package boxes are from recycled material.

Brands like MoEa is just the beginning. The real power comes when people realize the importance of resources. Such brands give hope that fashion can be of high style without harming nature. Fruit-based leather and plant-based leather is a definite answer to an industry tainted by animal cruelty.


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